Download new java games on your phone for free

  • Free download java game Masters Of Mayhem on your mobile phone!

    Masters Of Mayhem

    Help the protagonist, which has to collect coins and different bonuses on many levels of this game. Jump from one platform to another.
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Hittite Bricks on your mobile phone!

    Hittite Bricks

    You have to find treasures of ancient civilizations. Control the moving platform in the bottom of the screen. Use this platform and beat back the ball.
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Plop Art Sudoku on your mobile phone!

    Plop Art Sudoku

    This is a new variant of the classic Sudoku game. You have to guess funny creature in empty cells of the game field.
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Fashion Center on your mobile phone!

    Fashion Center

    You are the owner of fashion shop in this game. You have to develop your business. Do the best for you clients.
    • Simulators
    • Casual
    • Business simulation
  • Free download java game Little Shop Of Treasures on your mobile phone!

    Little Shop Of Treasures

    You will look for different objects in this game. Objects are hidden among many various things.
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Super Mario Bros 3 in 1 on your mobile phone!

    Super Mario Bros 3 in 1

    This is mobile version of the classic console game. Help Mario in his journey through different levels. He will jump over various barriers.
    • Action
  • Free download java game Catch a Mouse on your mobile phone!

    Catch a Mouse

    Sly mouse was settled in your home and vexes you. You have to defend your home from bothersome rodent!
    • Multiplayer
    • Logical
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Sega Puzzle Pack Blue on your mobile phone!

    Sega Puzzle Pack Blue

    There are two popular games in this one. You can choose among Columns and Puyo Pop.
    • Logical
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Car Crash Racing on your mobile phone!

    Car Crash Racing

    Take part in ultimate racing in this game. Ride on different tracks in various places of the world, from Australia to Brazil.
    • Race
  • Free download java game D.O.D. Defend or Die! on your mobile phone!

    D.O.D. Defend or Die!

    You have to defend your fortification from hordes of enemies. Wave of enemies attack your stockade. Shoot at them
    • Shooting
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Assault Team 3D NAJAF on your mobile phone!

    Assault Team 3D NAJAF

    You'll take part in Iraq war. You have to fight on streets of Najaf. You can choose your side in this confrontation.
    • Shooting
    • 3D
    • Action
    • Free Fire
  • Free download java game Grand Rally Championship on your mobile phone!

    Grand Rally Championship

    Take part in extreme rallies on various tracks which situated in different places of the world. Ride through deserts, woods, mountains etc.
    • Race