Download java games of 2012 year on your phone for free

  • Free download java game 365 Mahjong 3-in-1 on your mobile phone!

    365 Mahjong 3-in-1

    365 Mahjong 3-in-1 presents you with a board game, popular in the East. Mahjong - the objective of the game is to find the...
    • Logical
    • Board
  • Free download java game 365 Word Jumble on your mobile phone!

    365 Word Jumble

    For lovers make words out of the letters -365 Word Jumble will be one of the best options. Open as many words as possible in...
    • Logical
    • Board
  • Free download java game Acid effect on your mobile phone!

    Acid effect

    You have to shoot at bugs running across your screen. You have to annihilate as many bugs as is possible.
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Agent Smith: Waterfront on your mobile phone!

    Agent Smith: Waterfront

    Agent Smith has to save the world. He has to deliver important documents in different places of the world.
    • Shooting
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Astro Build on your mobile phone!

    Astro Build

    There was the distant future. 3018 year era of mankind. Space flights are no longer afraid and have become a part of everyday...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Banana Apes on your mobile phone!

    Banana Apes

    The difficult time of it's on the planet of the apes. Left too little bananas. And want to eat them is not reduced.
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Baseball vs Zombies on your mobile phone!

    Baseball vs Zombies

    Baseball players will fight with zombies. They need your help! Help to cope in a difficult battle with the living undead
    • Baseball
    • Action
  • Free download java game Billiards girl on your mobile phone!

    Billiards girl

    You have to help a pretty girl in building her professional career in billiard. She must prove that she is better than many men.
    • Billiards
    • Sports
  • Free download java game Birds buzzzz on your mobile phone!

    Birds buzzzz

    Shoot down birds with wire, grouping them by a few pieces together. Birds sit randomly and you shoot them down.
    • Logical
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Border War: Face off on your mobile phone!

    Border War: Face off

    Border War Face Off - is a rail shooter about the war. Your character stays behind the barricade and returns fire to dozens of...
    • Casual
    • Shooting
  • Free download java game Bowling compete on your mobile phone!

    Bowling compete

    Bowling compete is a realistic simulator of bowling in you phone. You can use variable shots with different strength.
    • Sports
    • Casual
    • Bowling
  • Free download java game Capitolium on your mobile phone!


    How well do you know the history and geography of the world? And what do you know about the Capitolium? It is time to test...
    • Logical