Download new java games of 2012 year on your phone for free

  • Free download java game Son of Osiris on your mobile phone!

    Son of Osiris

    According to the tradition Osiris - the God of the Renaissance and the king of the nether world. After the his death, son of...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Supernova Escape on your mobile phone!

    Supernova Escape

    Saga DB13 - an abandoned space ship. Two researchers have arrived to study the problem and to conduct restoration works of the...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Hungry Man on your mobile phone!

    Hungry Man

    "Robin-Bobin barabek eaten 40 people..." (Korney Chukovsky) He reached and to mobile games. Now you have to help eat different...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game William Sphereson on your mobile phone!

    William Sphereson

    According to a bequest of the deceased father of the young William inherited a very large state - all that his father owned,...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Parking on your mobile phone!


    Oh, these drivers! Park so, that, and not to leave the parking lot. The case will be difficult - move the cars so that your...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Enfant Terrible on your mobile phone!

    Enfant Terrible

    In American films on the TV show the boy scouts as exemplary children, ready to help the weak and survive in difficult...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Flag Challenge on your mobile phone!

    Flag Challenge

    You are an avid traveler and have visited many countries. And of course, you know about them a lot of interesting things.
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Martial Jaw on your mobile phone!

    Martial Jaw

    There are so many poachers. How do they weary with his fishing! Shark nowhere to swim in own house. To spite stale fishermen...
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Nobel on your mobile phone!


    Make the big Bang, having only a couple of movements! Employing certain dynamites you start a chain reaction that will lead to...
    • Logical
  • Free download java game Pizza Rush on your mobile phone!

    Pizza Rush

    Today is a day full of orders the most delicious pizza in town! So many customers are waiting for a hot Italian pizza.
    • Casual
    • Race
  • Free download java game Infinite Jump on your mobile phone!

    Infinite Jump

    Jump! Jump high as you can! There, at the top, you longing for the victory and freedom from enemies! Jump from wall to wall,...
    • Casual
  • Free download java game Funny Chicken on your mobile phone!

    Funny Chicken

    Pac-man in the chicken style! Help the little chicken collect all the seeds in the garden. There are lots of them and among...
    • Casual